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July update

Hired story consultant again to go over script and rough cut edit.
Attended documentary structure class at
Identified graphic designer/animator to create the open/close, lower thirds and graphics.
Got permission for music.
Reedit cut to 16 minutes.


identifying perks to offer to funders for IndieGoGo campaign. Excited about creating postcards of scenic landscape from Lebanon taken by Eric Bibby.

June update

Rough cut being edited, lots of progress made. Chose soundbites, found broll footage, identified music.
Still need to find archival photos and footage.

May update

Script been reedited a dozen times and reviewed by story consultant.
Rough cut is taking shape and has reached 20 minutes. Screened to docsinprogress fellows group and to Lebanese filmmaker.
Lots of comments worked back into the edit.

April update

Showed 10-minute cut to Docs in Progress roundtable and fellows and received lots of constructive criticism.
Questions about whether audience is American/international or more Lebanese/Arab. For an American audience there is a need to include a lot more historical background and contextual material to introduce and set up the topic.
Researching historical materials, looking for maps, old photos.
Looking for higher resolution photos of women in parliament. Looking for photos of parliament.

DIP fellow

Joined the DocsinProgress fellowship to get traction behind this documentary film. Looking forward to productivity over the coming months.